Best thing about 2020.

This year has been nothing short of shocking. Everything as we know it changed and we’re all still trying to figure out how to handle it or how to adapt to the ‘new normal.’ But aside from everything, this year has also been eye-opening in plenty of ways. It has revealed a lot of truths about people and it made many people speed up decisions they delayed because they didn’t want to face their real issues and they were always hiding behind their work, their friends or their activities but when all of these distractions disappeared, the truth eventually came out.

With the divorce rate skyrocketing, friendships ending, people moving out of their homes, people losing jobs, 2020 surely made people act on how they really feel instead of brushing their true feelings aside. The skeletons in the closet came out, people’s intentions became crystal clear and their masks fell off because it’s easy to be there when things are good but people show a different side when things get ugly. They show a side that you didn’t see before. A side you didn’t see coming.

2020 is the year of realizations for a lot of people including myself. I have seen the worst and best in people. It reminded me that distance didn’t matter with some people and it brought them closer in such troubling times but it also reminded me that some people were inches away from me yet felt very far away, very distant and out of reach. It showed me that the promises that were made in a crowded room were broken once the people left. It reminded me that the pandemic could serve as the perfect reason for someone to contact you and check up on you or the perfect excuse for someone to vanish. 

2020 is like an automatic filter. It filtered out the people who didn’t want to be in my life. It made me appreciate people more but it also made me despise some of them. It showed me the difference between the kind of love that weathers the storm and the frail love that breaks at the first sign of trouble. I’ve always been a believer that bad things happen so you can reassess your life and the people in it and 2020 gave us all the biggest lessons we didn’t know we needed because chaos ironically brings some order in your life. When things fall apart, the people in your life have two options, they can either fall apart with it or stand tall by your side.

At the end of the day, I’m thankful for the truth this year has uncovered and the deception it exposed because once you see people’s true colors, you can’t repaint them and once someone shows you what you truly mean to them it becomes impossible to keep this person in your life no matter how much you love them or need them.

2020 is here to teach you something, it’s teaching you to take a closer look at everything around you and realize that troubling times reveal people’s actions which rarely match their words.

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