Webinar Connect (Sydenham College)

📣The Public Speaking and Debating Society of Sydenham college 📣presents WEBINAR CONNECT by the most prominent and elite speakers that we will ever witness on the 22nd and 23rd of February. Tighten your seat belts for this journey because this is the best, you will see! Learn how to master the act of Public Speaking and how to make yourself stand out in a crowd in a few minutes by the experts in the industry! 🪶😎

💡 DAY 1: Personal branding

Shirin Talwar, an exceptional speaker, Soft skill trainer and an International Image Consultant, specialising in Personal Branding who has spread her knowledge and experience with students and corporates counting to 213k!
🔶 Date : 22nd February,2021
🔶 Time : 5 to 6:30pm IST

💡 DAY 2- How to be a confident speaker?

Divas Gupta, an IIM Kashipur Alumni, India’s first Ikigai coach and a TedX Speaker, a renowned speaker in various IIM Institutions. Someone who has inspired more than 28k people across the Internet.
🔶 Date : 23rd February, 2021
🔶 Time : 6 to 7 pm IST

They would be right here with us at Sydenham College’s Public Speaking and Debating Society’s YouTube page . 📲

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