Yess, you’ve been there!

Yess you’ve been there
the winds changed their direction,
the spring turned to Autumn,
Days felt dizzy,
And I went crazy;
You calmed my soul,
Fetched in peace,
Held my hand
Walked me through Bleeds!
Introduced my fears as strengths,
Transformed my tears to blaze,
The star in you befell me in darkest nights,
In the paralyzed moments,
You hugged me tight
And so, I make sure
Even if you come
With no face,
With no skin,
And just your soul,
I’d still recognise you
My best friend!


Would you like to fall in love with me?

Hey hey…oh heyy…u gotta stop..hey listen, please stay!
U started fading away and I let you go. I didn’t come after you.

It’s been a month since your death.
Today, is a high school prom night and I am so excited with an idea that I might see you here!
It’s a beautiful hall with golden lights , pretty girls and handsome boys; am enjoying ofcourse!

It’s a party rock song going on in background and suddenly it is replaced with some smooth trance and groups got split into couples while I was busy beholding this transformation and my eyes were moving around and there…
There somewhere in the crowd, I saw you standing with an attractive suit on and a bow around your neck, u were standing in a position like u were proposing me to dance with u.
I slowly started walking towards you…

Travelled the universe twice in search of you and you were almost there with me on that prom, where I almost said I missed you, I almost had a hold on you; knowing u won’t be here forever, almost kissed u out of your soul so that I could taste the nakedness of your love before u almost leave
I wanted to really say everydamnthing I have had carried till this day but we aren’t permitted time,are we ever?
I wanted to hold you close for a little more time, wanted to drown deep into your blue eyes finding hope, wanted to wait for that one moment where u would say,”I love you with all my heart and I wish to stay too!”
But again we weren’t permitted time.Where u were going to leave me anyways and I was still planning and preparing my almosts!

U slowly started fading away on this prom night, where I hoped I would see you knowing that you don’t even exist though, I had faith that on this special day your soul would come seeking me.
I almost performed all my almosts while at the same time I was begging for some more seconds, all along!

U were ready to leave me with the sweet music with couples dancing on,eye into eye, kissing, and all of that seemed chaos in the absence of u.
I begged u to stay..

The only moment I owned u, was when u even made me forget there were other people around, when you were dancing; holding me, like you were never gonna go, I still remember you singing ‘would you like to fall in love with me ? Oh,tell me girl!’ to me and I did the journey of all our moments together while u sang for me, I went back to the days you shined for me to the ones I rained for you,convincing my every tear not to roll down. By then u had stopped singing. I was still looking u in the eye though dead, you were so full of life and me, alive yet lifeless.

But in those moments I felt like I was returned my life before I could live it to the most, you were ready to leave!
I thought if I would ever meet you again and tell u it had been so difficult without you!

U finally bid me a nice goodbye expecting me, I would let you go with a smile and I swear, I had prepared myself for this smile every second, thinking of the goodbye if I meet u in this life ever since u left.
No matter how much I had mentally prepared myself, my heart wasn’t yet ready for the moment to be done. And for once, I thought if I could give up on my life too so that I can stay with you forever and ever!


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