Can you see it in my eyes???

How someone behaves when they’re in love, varies from person to person. Every person has their own way of showing that they care about you. But I don’t feel like doing stuff for someone anymore, I have become very numb and shallow when it comes to showing love. Whatever I invested in my last relationship, I am not even able to invest that much in my current relationship. By saying this, I don’t mean that I do not love my partner, it just means that I am so done with doing things that I used to, because those things were ineffective.
I have so much of love inside me and I do not know any way to express that she’d like. I have never made a card for someone, making a card is not me. I have never written a letter to someone until I was heart-broken, I have not written anything lately. Because I started to feel that these words doesn’t matter to people anymore. But I would do all this if my partner wants me to, because I do love her, a lot.
The thing with me and expressing love is that I expect people to see the love in my eyes, when I look at them with all my heart. I expect them to feel the love when I hug them like I never want to let them go. I expect people to feel the love when I ask if they’re having their meals on time. I do not ever want to treat people like shit, it is not in me to mistreat someone. And it is pretty much obvious that most of the times, how we behave, doesn’t match the expectations of our partner. So what do we do now? Change?
I fear that trying to change myself would make things work if I fail. What if the person doesn’t love the evolved version of myself? Trying to change would be a very risky thing to do. I don’t want to lose the love I have, the ONLY love I have.
I am going to try and do things that would help me showing my love but it is on the other person to be able to see it through else I would have to push myself really hard in this, ha-ha.
Piece of advice – try to see the love in people, in what they do, what they say to you. The little things are what hold the truth about how someone feels about you. Keep loving ❤


“When did you decide to be gay? What happened to you? You’ve changed? That’s so gay!
that person doesn’t really look like a man/woman” ?

We all have heard people saying things like this all the time even in a random conversation.
Why is this community of people looked down upon? Well, let’s become more aware of
what the LGBTQ community really is and learn how we all can overcome our deeply
rooted gender biases and be more accepting of people of our own community.

LGBTQA stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and asexuality & allies.
Allies are heterosexual and cisperson who extend their support to this group of community
and, significantly, we encourage them to be accepted by our patriarchal society by giving
them equal rights, freedom just like individuals who choose to identify themselves as male
and female.

Talking about gender sexuality lies on a spectrum, belonging to this wide range of spectrum
doesn’t make people indifferent. We have been oppressed by our rigid cultural and
education system which typically lacks awareness about what sexuality is. People who
identify themselves as queer or gay are not born gay or bisexual but they instead choose to
belong to a different gender just like a heterosexual cisperson chooses to identify
themselves as male and female. Suppose you have a friend named Ted and he likes to eat
pizza with pineapple toppings which of course you don’t like buttttt this doesn’t mean
you’ll abandon your dear friend right? Ted is much more than just eating pineapple pizza!

He is firstly a human being and might have all those qualities that you possess so why is it
that we have difficulty accepting them as our people? Possibly because we have our
stereotypes and prejudice that we hold onto due to the influence of our culture,
environment, and political view around us. So how do we educate ourselves and others
around us? We can begin by looking for specific prejudices that we hold and learn why we
hold them in the first place? Wearing certain types of clothes doesn’t give us the right to
make assumptions about what gender an individual belongs to and that doesn’t mean that
we should discriminate against people from wearing things according to their preferred

Society, in general, has imprinted criteria into our minds which influences our perception
about how we ought to behave, how a male and female should dress which makes a
community or a culture very reluctant and rigid to accept people belonging to diverse
sexuality. one thing that it fails to acknowledge that choosing to be homosexual, bisexual or
queer is not a phase or a fun thing to do it takes a lot of courage to come out there is a
misconception that coming out makes things easy which is the not the case. If we as a
community let people decide to be whatever the heck they want and let them live, we live in
a democratic country where everyone is allowed equal freedom of choice and freedom of

To sum it up, people of diverse genders are “normal” and holding stereotypical beliefs
against them will not only affect them emotionally but also psychologically. Accepting our
deeply rooted patriarchal belief and becoming aware and educating ourselves and not
letting it influence our belief is a way we as a society can become truly democratic.

Everyone deserves to be respected despite section 377 being legalized. We still need to work
towards LGBTQ awareness and treat them with dignity. By assisting to the marginalized
LGBTQ community we can help them earn socio-economic status. Creating awareness
groups to educate schools and colleges to prevent bullying.

By including parents in
activities can help them be more inclusive and accepting, by implementing LGBTQ
friendless policy in the workplace will encourage more acceptance among employees.

A short poem by Fritz Perls,
I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectation,
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, and I am I,
And if by chance we find each other,
It’s beautiful.
If not, it can’t be helped.

(heterosexual Allie

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